Total engineering solution provider

We can provide the total engineering service from problem analysis to solution development.

We can assist you with any stage you need. For critical products, we can also handle the production process together.


Our goal is to support the success of your business. Are you looking to develop or improve products, systems, or processes? We are a team of experts who understand your requirements and objectives, providing optimal design solutions. We comprehensively review various aspects, including productivity enhancement, cost reduction, product quality improvement, and technological innovation, to present the best solutions. CnC is your essential strategic tool.

Design + Conceptualization

To bring new ideas or concepts to life, it is essential to go through a process of shaping and converting abstract elements into concrete designs. CnC excels at transforming conceptualized ideas into tangible designs that can be implemented as practical products or systems. We visualize ideas and consider specific details to develop optimal designs. We are proficient in considering technical, visual, and functional aspects at an abstract level to create practical designs. During this process, we provide comprehensive support in sophisticated mold design and prototype services to enhance the reliability and solidity of the conceptualization. By doing so, we ensure that the ideas are translated into reliable and robust designs.

Research + Development

We constantly strive to drive innovation and explore new opportunities for improving existing solutions. We engage in scientific research, explore theoretical concepts, and gather information. Additionally, we conduct experiments and analyze data, persistently seeking new theories and approaches. We leverage the knowledge and insights gained from these activities to transform them into marketable solutions. With our in-house research team, our efforts have been validated by numerous international patents.


Once you have solidified your ideas and completed detailed design and prototyping for practical validation, there is another crucial step remaining: production. No matter how great your design and concept are, they won't reach customers or the market without being manufactured. In the production process, several important factors come into play, including quality, productivity, cost efficiency, advanced production technology, and responsible safety and environmental management. Finding a partner with production facilities that possess all of these qualities is vital for successfully launching and consistently selling your products. 

For over a decade, CnC has operated fully validated production lines following GMP and ISO guidelines. Our key clients include global companies selling FDA-approved medical products. 

Test + Verification

Our proficient team encompasses a broad spectrum of skills in testing and verification for your product and design. This includes essential areas like functional, performance, regression, and ergonomic design testing, along with requirement and design verification, as well as integration verification. We're dedicated to fully understanding our clients' requirements, assuring top-notch quality and performance, while adhering to the latest technologies and standards to ensure product reliability. Partnering with us guarantees a smooth and efficient testing and verification journey, 

leading to the successful realization of inventive products and solutions.