We will be a trusted, creative partner in your success

Whether you need a solution for a small, intricate system or a complex, large-scale structure, CnC Technologies is your trusted partner. We thrive on pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the power of our unique capabilities.

Practice areas


Bio-Science Lab.

Industrial Mechanism

Electro Devices

Microfluidic Mechanism


Micro motor drive system

Precision split motion system

Glucose monitoring Device

Electro surgical device


Our evolution and growth are still in progress.


CnC Technologies established in Korea.

(Venture company registered)

2010 ~ Present

Our technology is protected by global patents.
 (Total 65 applications filed)


Qualified manufacturing system for medical devices.

We are an innovator of electro/mechanical, fluidic, micro-molding and technology integration solutions

At CnC Technologies, we are experts in designing and engineering complex, intricate structures. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success, we possess the knowledge and skills to tackle the most challenging projects. Our passion lies in overcoming any constraints and creating value that our customers desire. In particular, we are confident in designing the most effective mechanisms and in implementing microfluidic systems.