Achieve 'Next Level' performance in project solutions

[Key words] Innovation, Problem-solving, Precision mechanical mechanisms

We offer astonishing innovation and problem-solving based on a spirit of 

challenge and creativity. With expertise in various fields, especially precision mechanical mechanisms, we are adept at supporting projects for scientists, engineers, and manufacturers, consistently delivering exceptional results. 

 Our team relentlessly pursues excellence to provide you with the best recommendations and proposals for your development projects. We have 

worked with companies in Silicon Valley, USA, and successfully addressed 

their requirements and issues, resulting in satisfactory outcomes.

Get the precise know how you have been looking for

[Key words] High performance, Noiseless, High-reliability, Micro size

Our dedicated team of professionals combines state-of-the-art technologies with a profound understanding of industry best practices, guaranteeing the delivery of top-quality results. We specialize in micro motor drive and medical device competency, offering expertise in designing and manufacturing compact, high-torque units. Our gear modules and drive units are engineered to produce low noise levels (less than 40 dBA), ensuring optimal performance.

Quick, Accurate verification of new ideas!

[Key words] Prototype , Design Validation

We identify, analyze and resolve all issues before production phase through series of intense design and prototype validations. We are ready to provide comprehensive mold designing to prototyping services in a short lead time.


 - Injection molding, press die are owned. 

 - 3 different high-precision mold manufacturing partner networks hold. 

Molding & Stamping

Mold tool shot size 

 - Mass production molding (heat treatment): 500,000 - 1,000,000 shots

 - Prototype molding: 50,000 shots 


- As thin as 0.13mm* capable 

* Depending on the geometry of product, various thickness options are available

Experience the Precision of Our High-Quality system

[Key words] High quality system manufacturing under International standards

Based on a rigorous quality control system, CnC technologies takes pride in delivering the finest products at the best prices, precisely on time. 

 We have already established manufacturing system under ISO 9001, 
ISO 13485, and GMP guidance fully. 

 All products are manufactured in compliance with customer requirements and are produced in a cleanroom environment to ensure absolute integrity. 

Our customers are global healthcare companies and we have been a longstanding partner that adheres to their standards.

Value Engineering

[Key words] Lean, Productivity, Efficiency, Optimization, Streamline

To bring good ideas into reality, it is essential to have a design that is 

optimized based on productivity and manufacturing efficiency. 

 Creating a premium product/design that minimizes unnecessary processes 

and parts while ensuring the highest performance is the primary goal of the CnC team. 

Are you looking to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and create market-leading products? Value Engineering in CnC will be the key success factor in achieving this.